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Middlesex Community College

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7/3/18 1:35pm
7/3/18 2:25pm
Have questions about GivePulse? Use this guide to help navigate the platform.
6/3/19 2:49pm
Are you completing service-learning with your class? This document will instruct you on logging your impacts in GivePulse for your service-learning project.
6/3/19 2:50pm
Have questions about service-learning? Take a look at this document! If you still have questions, feel free to email us at
6/3/19 2:51pm
You have started your service-learning hours and need to start logging your impacts on GivePulse. This document provides a step-by-step process on logging your individual impacts.
6/3/19 2:56pm
Not sure what your completed service-learning contract should look like? Here is a sample to review!
6/3/19 2:57pm
If you are in a project-based service-learning course, your professor may ask you to register for the event. This document will guide you through that process.
6/3/19 2:59pm