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Middlesex Community College

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7/3/18 2:25pm
7/3/18 1:35pm
List of important dates regarding service-learning.
9/10/19 4:06pm
Want to make sure you are taking care of everything necessary when it comes to service-learning? This checklist will help you navigate the process.
9/10/19 4:07pm
Complete this contract if you are participating in individual service-learning for your course. If you are completing service-learning for two courses, you must complete two separate contracts.
9/10/19 4:02pm
Once you have completed your 22 hours of service-learning, you need to have your site supervisor complete this hours verification and evaluation form. This can be hand written and dropped off to one of our offices or it can be mailed directly to
9/10/19 4:04pm
Have questions about GivePulse? Use this guide to help navigate the platform.
6/3/19 2:49pm
You have started your service-learning hours and need to start logging your impacts on GivePulse. This document provides a step-by-step process on logging your individual impacts.
6/3/19 2:56pm
Are you completing service-learning with your class? This document will instruct you on logging your impacts in GivePulse for your service-learning project.
6/3/19 2:50pm
If you are in a project-based service-learning course, your professor may ask you to register for the event. This document will guide you through that process.
6/3/19 2:59pm
Not sure what your completed service-learning contract should look like? Here is a sample to review!
6/3/19 2:57pm
Have questions about service-learning? Take a look at this document! If you still have questions, feel free to email us at
6/3/19 2:51pm