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Tyngsborough Elementary School



Our goal here at Tyngsborough Elementary School is simple: we strive to create a dynamic learning environment where our students can learn and grow. At TES, we will show our care and commitment for our students through our expectations of them. We expect students to work hard and learn. We expect them to respect one another. We expect our students to do their best. We expect and encourage parents to be equal partners in their children’s learning. We hold ourselves to these same high standards.

We are a large elementary school, but it is our goal to give families the personal attention they deserve. In an effort to achieve this goal, we have established two small learning communities within the building:

* Lower Elementary School: Preschool - Grade 2
* Upper Elementary School: Grade 3 – Grade 5

Phone Number: 978-644-1990
Kerry Cavanaugh, Principal -
Debra Anderson, Art Teacher -
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