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The LEAP School - Lexington



The Language Enrichment Arts Program® or the LEAP School, began as an idea by educator, Robin Shapiro in 1985. LEAP started in the basement of a small church in Lexington and eventually grew into four locations—each embodying the best of their communities, offering to area families our own uniquely designed curriculum. We are proud to support the diverse needs of the toddler, preschool, and kindergarten youngsters and their families. This remains one of the core principles that has guided LEAP since it began.

Our environment is both dynamic and nurturing. Youngsters are inspired to develop their creative and intellectual abilities while having fun. Families have enjoyed our preschool curriculum because it provides children a range of experiences that build positive self-esteem and stimulates their innate desire to learn. We offer small class sizes and a low child/teacher ratio because we know that this enables each child to be seen as a special individual. That is at the heart of our program.

However, a great school is more than an excellent curriculum and wonderful buildings set in historical towns. The LEAP school has become the school of choice for so many families in Massachusettes primarily because of its extraordinary faculty of talented teachers and staff who bring a wealth of expertise into the classroom, along with a real love of children. Parents tell us over and over that they were drawn to LEAP because of the sense of values our school reflects and instills in our children. At its core, the LEAP Schools are truly a caring community where children are nurtured and cared for in an environment of creative, lifelong learning.

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