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Bartlett Community Partnership School



Bartlett Community Partnership School serves pre-K - 8th grade students in Lowell, MA. The school aims to send their students to high school prepared for the rigors of 9th grade coursework. The school strives to create a caring community through the Caring School Community curriculum – offering classroom meetings, cross aged buddy, and whole school activities.

For more information, call 978-937-8968.

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Good Morning,

My name is Claudayziashaivontee Brown, I am a Liberal Arts Psychology major at Middlesex Community College. I am also a graduate of this middle school, hoping that there would be an opportunity to use this school for my service learning credit. I am looking forward to being a guidance counselor and hopefully one day a counseling psychologist. I am interested in working with kids and being mentored by this school's current guidance counselor.

Thank you,

Claudayziashaivontee Brown